'Friends': 11 reasons Rachel should have picked Joey over Ross to be her lobster

I know, I know. Blasphemy. But think about it. What do Ross and Rachelreally have in common, anyway? And they didn't really date for that long over the span of the "Friends" series. They just kept randomly hooking up and having babies and getting married. Other than those trivial things, no connection.I propose that Joey would have made a lot more sense as Rachel's lobster (anyone?). Why? I'll tell you. [Note: If you haven't watched the entire series, there are spoilers in this post. But I use the term "spoilers" loosely because it's been almost 10 years since the series ended. So I don't really feel bad. Well, I do a little, because if this disclaimer applies to you, your life is incomplete.] 1. Neither take life too seriously (ahem, Ross). Exhibit A: both laugh at "homo erectus" during Ross's keynote speech in Barbados. Exhibit B: Rachel teaches Ross's son, Ben, how to prank him. Ross is not amused. Exhibit...



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