The Client List Season 2 Review “When I Say I Do”

On the next-to-last episode of "The Client List" of the season, we had, perhaps inevitably, a full-blown transitional episode in the truest sense of the word, with "When I Say I Do". Not a lot of major plot developments overall, in other words, but plenty of set-up for some big twists in the finale, many of which probably won’t end well. For instance, Riley and Kyle were finally getting a bit closer to reconciliation- at the end of the episode, she granted him permission to move back in- and Selena was edging closer to an actual committed relationship with Derek finally, showing that there’s a bit of heart underneath all that bluster after all. Good news for both, certainly, but will it end well? Not so sure, least of all, given Riley’s day job and the impending threats from the police, as well as Selena’s habit for self-sabotage. READ MORE...


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