Nurse Jackie Season 5 “Forget It” Review

This week’s episode of Nurse Jackie began with Jackie taking her turn to give Kevin a little grief for interrupting her date with Frank. Like Frank, I found it odd that Jackie lied about how hard it was for her to get a night off, although I’m sure it felt good to make Kevin feel like crap after enduring his seemingly endless barrage of guilt trips and insults. Finally, we got to the bottom of what was wrong with Gloria. Her forgetfulness was a side effect of a medication she’d been taking to deal with seizures. I enjoyed the moment between Jackie, Eddie and Gloria as she revealed why she couldn’t let people know about her seizures. I couldn’t help but be a little frustrated with the writers’ choice to drag out the mysterious illness for so many episodes. Given Jackie and Gloria’s history of looking out for each other, why didn’t Gloria ask Jackie for help sooner? Oh well, I’m glad that Gloria will be okay. READ MORE...


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Jun 3, 2016 4:52PM EDT


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