Mad Men Season 6 Review “A Tale of Two Cities”

In watching this week’s Mad Men, I had the feeling that I’ve seen this episode. Harry, Roger and Don head to California for a business trip and end up at a party drinking and doing drugs. Back in New York, there is still tension between the merged agencies, they’re still struggling with the agency’s name, and Pete Campbell contines to rant that everyone is against him. I’m ready for a storyline shake up. The most played out part of the episode was the business trip to California that spirals into debauchery. Roger and Don are starting to seem like the old guys at the party and, thus, a little sad. As they walk in, Roger runs into his ex-wife’s cousin, Danny, and has some amusing back and forth with him. Danny is great and a fun foil to Roger, especially when he takes Roger down with a strategically placed punch. Don heads inside and smokes some hashish with the party’s hostess. In a drug induced haze (*yawn*), Don has a vision of Megan. This hippy incarnation of his wife tells him everything he’s always wanted her to say: it’s ok for him to be with other women, she’s quit her job to be with him, and she’s pregnant. Then he finds himself talking to PFC Dinkins, who tells Don, "Dying doesn’t make you whole," at which point Don sees himself face down in the pool. He is rescued by Roger and doesn’t seem any more damaged than usual. Throughout these scenes, it feels like Don is out of place. He lacks the vitality that he used to have. The most significant aspect of this interlude is that Don can’t accept Megan for who she is. Deep down, he doesn’t want anything but a Betty-esque housewife. READ MORE...


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