Game of Thrones Recap: Show Them How It Feels to Lose What They Love

Weddings manage a neat trick of being both communal experiences and highly personal ones. Their power comes from the presence of the assembly, called together to witness the enactment of a sacred vow. And yet, during that witnessing, we members of the congregation often find we are thinking of ourselves — of our long friendships with the bride or the groom, of loves lost, of whether we, too, could pull off a tux with such panache. Last night, as he and I drifted out of a wedding and into the hot summer air, a friend told me that weddings always make him wonder why he doesn’t tell his friends that he likes them more often. I thought about all of this last night as I sat on a midnight train to the city, returning from that wedding and watching last night’s episode of Game of Thrones on my iPhone. As anyone who’s been on Twitter in the last dozen or so hours knows, book readers have been collectively sitting on their hands waiting for this moment in the saga: the so-called Red Wedding.



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