Game of Thrones’ Michelle Fairley on Catelyn Stark and the Red Wedding

[Spoilers ahead] Game of Thrones' Red Wedding was an emotional roller coaster. First we were teased with possible reunions of the Stark family: Bran and Rickon are this close to Jon Snow; Arya is this close to Robb and Catelyn. But then Robb and Catelyn, countless of their men, and Robb's direwolf Grey Wind were slaughtered. "Catelyn starts to realize it the instant the bride and groom leave the room," Michelle Fairley, who plays the ill-fated character, told Vulture. "Not only are people exiting, but the lights starts to go, and suddenly the band strikes up a tune which is not a tune to be played at a wedding, "The Rains of Castamere." And then she notices that Roose Bolton is wearing chain mail: Why are you wearing chain mail at a wedding? And that's when the penny drops." The band turns into soldiers, arrows rain down on everybody in an indiscriminate slaughter, Frey's own men included, and Catelyn makes her last stand in a desperate attempt to save Robb's life, only to watch him die and get her own throat slit as well. Fairley did a postmortem with us about what it was like to go down fighting, shedding Catelyn's locks, and the club she wants to start with her fellow dearly departed Thrones cast.



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