'The Bachelorette': Is Ben the Tierra of this season?

Now that we've weeded out the real weirdos, let's get down to business on "The Bachelorette," shall we? If you've always been wondering why reality shows don't do more rap music videos, well, you're in luck tonight -- this show has the answer. Brooks' DateKix gets the first date (Kix Brooks, get it?). He's the guy I think looks like Kevin on "Shameless" (pictured here). Right? It's uncanny. Anyway, their first stop is at Desiree's bridal boutique (where she works, not that she owns). And they leave in their wedding finery. Desiree likes how Kix is having fun with it, but what else is he going to do? Throw a big fit? I maintain this is a weird start to the date, especially with all those extras they paid to freak out at the cupcake truck. Then they head up to the Hollywood sign, where they get to have a picnic amidst the clouds and...



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