'Teen Wolf' Season 3 premiere: There's a new Alpha (pack) in town

"Teen Wolf" is back for Season 3, and everything is new. New school year, new tattoos, new werewolves ... And of course there are many, many new problems.Trouble is not ephemeral in the "Teen Wolf" world, after all.Double your werewolf, double your funSeason 3 begins unpleasantly for Isaac, what with the electroshock resuscitation and desperate motorcycle chase and all. The scene -- while filled with lots of action and motorcycle goodness -- is more than a little confusing. All we know is that Isaac is in trouble, and he's being helped by a mystery girl on a motorcycle. Behind them are two super-identical and super-creepy (and, because this is "Teen Wolf," super-hot) twins. Even when Motorcycle Girl crashes through a wall of glass, the Wonder Twins stay close.Then they somehow merge into one Incredible Hulk-like werewolf. That's bad**s.While Isaac and Motorcycle Girl do make it alive to the hospital, they're in rough shape. Isaac...



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