'Bachelorette': The emergency room and a girlfriend confrontation next week

Things look to be heating up on "The Bachelorette" next week, when one of the bachelors is confronted at the mansion by his girlfriend, who from the previews looks as thought she thought he was off "finding himself" or something.Chris Harrison blogs for EW that the first two episodes have been nothing compared to the drama that's in store:As you can see the guys are really starting to fall for Des and the competition has begun. Ben has started getting under people's skin and he almost seems to relish it, like it's a game to him. This will continue in the weeks to come. You may have also noticed that I brought a guest into the house. To borrow a phrase from this week, somebody is not here for the right reasons -- and boy do we have proof! It's not a pretty scene, but it's one that you must see because I promise you...



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