Revolution Season 1 Finale Review “The Dark Tower” — On or Off?

Season finale time! The first season of Revolution wraps up with ‘The Dark Tower’. Here our gang finally get down to level 12 and turn the power on, but not before losing one of their own on the way. A decent episode, it was propped up mainly by its last ten minutes. Before that, nothing much of consequence happened. I say that while obviously meaning nothing of consequence to this particular episode. Did we really need half an hour of people running around the tower — and outside the tower — and Monroe all but confessing his love for Miles? Probably not, but at least we got a bit of context as to why Monroe went bugnuts crazy five years back. I have to say, the slightly creepy declaration that they will always be ‘brothers’ — made creepy by just how crazy Monroe is — was better than the actual supposedly-romantic part of the episode, wherein Nora acknowledged that Miles has feelings for Rachel and then conveniently died. I’ve been waiting for her to die for half a season, but that was sort of a let down. READ MORE...


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