Naruto: Shippuden Episode #301 Anime Review

With Naruto now back in play in the series in terms of the war, we got to see some good hands on stuff in the second half of the previous episode as what the group was dealing with split off. While that let things dominate there, the show pushed off to the side the fight with the Third Raikage, since he was willing to be defeated since he realized being reanimated like this was not the right thing, unlike some of the others. Unfortunately, because of his power level and basic approach to life, he can’t just simply accept being killed and that means the group he’s facing has to actually take him down, and hard. But they’re holding back some and not bringing out the big powers that they need to deal with him. And they’ve also run into the problem now that Kabuto, having lost some of his other minions, has taken direct control of the Third Raikage.READ MORE...


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