Naruto: Shippuden Episode #309 Anime Review

As the side stories continue, Naruto: Shippuden brings us into contact with an older character that hasn’t been seen before named Tatewaki. Which makes sense, considering he was dead and never introduced in the main series and now he’s been reanimated by Kabuto and is under his control. It’s something that’s naturally difficult for him to deal with as he doesn’t want to be using his abilities to fight people, and coming across Naruto only reinforces that because of the connection they have in the past. Which means… you guessed it – a flashback! Taking us back to the time when Naruto was much younger and far more wide-eyed than we’re used to now, we get him in his classic outfit as Tsunade is setting him and a group of young shinobi on an A-rank mission that must be done. The difference between the two Naruto’s continues to be pretty blunt, so there’s at least some consistency there and some fun in going back to his younger self for a bit. READ MORE...


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