Naruto: Shippuden Episode #315 Anime Review

With the way this arc has run its course, you know it’s being drawn out in general and it just wears you down episode after episode. While I had been mildly okay with it in general when the first one hit, even though I hate this process of creating someone new to fill in a filler gap, it’s when it hit a second episode that I rolled my eyes. That it required a third just says how much they wanted to stretch things out for whatever reasons they find required at the moment to do so. Suffice to say, each new piece of this has been one more long slog through an already dull story made even worse. What continues to kill it for me is that it goes back to the very, very young Naruto and friends crowd which is what pushed me away from a lot of the first series when they were just a bit older. READ MORE...


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