'Graceland' interview: Manny Montana talks about the fun-loving character of Johnny Tuturro

It's not all serious crime on USA's newest show, "Graceland." One character, especially, brings the fun: Johnny Tuturro, played by Manny Montana. On a visit to the Florida set of the show, we asked Montana about playing this FBI agent.What drew you to the character of Johnny?Manny Montana: I really like him a lot because, every other character I've ever played, guest-starring parts on TV, it's all serious and dramatic. Johnny's really light and he gets serious when he gets involved in other people's issues. Like when somebody's lying to him, he gets hurt. He's such a sensitive dude in that way. He wants everybody to love each other, so whenever somebody's doing something wrong or doing it not the way that he thinks it should be done -- the right way -- he gets emotionally involved in it. And that's when he gets upset. He hasn't had really a dark issue or a...



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