Love and Marriage Series 1 Episode 1 (ITV) Review

Framed by mock to-camera interviews from the various members of Love and Marriage’s Paradise family, ITV’s new dramedy might be aiming to be the UK’s answer to Modern Family or any number of dysfunctional-family sitcoms that came before. Sadly, as with a lot of comedy-dramas, the show fails to deliver much of either in this first episode. We follow Pauline Paradise, the matriarch of a family who have long relied on her loyal service but don’t pay much attention to the woman herself. The final straw comes when, on the same day as retiring from her job as a lollipop lady, the family call upon her to be their personal bank, caterer and general dogsbody, without batting an eyelid at the life-altering event. The only person remotely interested is her elderly father, who promptly falls from a hammock and dies during her latest grandchild’s christening. READ MORE...


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