'Graceland' interview: Vanessa Ferlito on the life of an undercover drug agent

In "Graceland," all of the main characters are undercover agents. But none go more undercover than Charlie DeMarco, played by Vanessa Ferlito ("CSI: NY," "24"). When visiting the show's set, we talked to Ferlito about her role and just how deep Charlie and the others will go into the criminal underworlds they investigate.What attracted you to the role on "Graceland"?Vanessa Ferlito: I automatically thought of reality TV in the sense that -- not comparing the-the writing, it's phenomenal -- but just how you take like seven, six strangers and you put them in a house. That's what intrigues people. That's why people are so drawn to this. It wasn't like a typical procedural. This was more in-depth with the characters and that's what I loved. I loved Charlie and how she was written as a strong and powerful girl in the house with a bunch of boys. And the story was great. The writing...



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