Movie Review: The Purge Is Very Ridiculous and Very Suspenseful

It turns out that all this nation needed was some bloodcurdling violence. In James DeMonaco’s The Purge, we're told that America has been "reborn" out of its doldrums thanks to the foresight of our New Founding Fathers, who established a tradition whereby, once a year, all crime is legal for one twelve-hour period. The film opens with a title announcing that now, in the year 2022, unemployment is at one percent (one percent!) and everybody is happy. It's all thanks to "the Purge," a joyous new holiday during which the haves settle into their heavily guarded houses behind their gated communities, turn on the TV, cook up some hors d’oeuvres, and watch everybody else (the have-nots, mostly) rape, maim, and kill each other in a nationwide orgy of ritualized, soul-cleansing destruction. The holiday even has its own catchphrases: “Release the beast” appears to be the most popular one.



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