'Under the Dome' premiere is not afraid to go to the dark places

CBS has released the premiere episode of "Under the Dome" to the press, so if you'd like a sneak peek (with some minor spoilers), keep reading. If you haven't read the book and want to remain spoiler-free, stop reading. You've been warned. A big thing we've been worried about with CBS' adaptation of "Under the Dome" is that it wouldn't capture how dark Stephen King's novel on which it is based becomes at times. The project originally was slated to be released on Showtime, which would have afforded the creators a lot of leeway in terms of content. Now with the show coming to a broadcast network, we were dubious about whether the show could really delve into the dark recesses of King's mind, so to speak. But the premiere episode has greatly alleviated many of our worries in that department. While we're sure there certainly is content of the book (Junior Rennie's ... proclivities...



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