When Don Draper goes to California, things happen. And such was the case again this week, only this time, it was Don nearly drowning in a pool. "I usually felt better out there," laments Don as to Roger, as they return home. Of course, Anna is long gone and so much of the happiness Don felt on his other trips was just a brief sensation... Don’s drug-fueled experience at that party was another intriguing look inside his mind. While making out with that actress (the one thing we can assume probably actually did happen), he remarked, "I told you that’s not my name," when she called him Don, seeming to imply again that he would shed the entire Don Draper identity, if he could. It certainly seems he’d like things to be good with Megan as well, as he imagined her appearing to him pregnant and telling him they can have "a second chance." Again, wanting it and getting it are different things, but it seems right now, Don is in the "make this work" place with his marriage… even when making out with random women. READ MORE...


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