This Is the End - Review

You could sit through a year's worth of Hollywood comedies and still not see anything that's genuinely knock-your-socks-off audacious. But This Is the End (opening June 12) truly is. It's the wildest screen comedy in a long time, and also the smartest, the most fearlessly inspired, and the snort-out-loud funniest. The movie opens with Seth Rogen at an airport, where a passerby says, ''Hey, Seth Rogen, what up, man?'' So you immediately know that he's going to be playing a version of himself. In fact, everyone in the film is playing a version of him-or herself. Rogen picks up his buddy Jay Baruchel (who's less of a star than anyone here — a running gag), and after getting stoned, they head to a party at James Franco's house. Everyone from Jonah Hill to Emma Watson is there, and what transpires looks so much like what you'd expect a party with hip young actors and comedians to look like that it's as if we'd wandered into the ultimate episode of Entourage. The jockeying of movie-star egos, the drugs and sex (Michael Cera is the group's libertine nerd), Rogen and Franco brainstorming a sequel to Pineapple Express — it's all cheekily plausible. READ MORE...


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