HANNIBAL Recap: “Roti”

In Hannibal’s only meal of the episode, he prepped a South Asian dish, an homage to the episode’s title. He claimed it was made with sheep, "of course," (so of course not), a note as well to an episode filled with an exceptional amount of offal. "Roti" continued down a path that has been one of the strongest, narratively, this year. Will’s descent into madness escalates to a literal fever pitch, culminating in his and Dr. Gideon (Eddie Izzard‘s) parallel tales this week converging violently. In the shadows though, as always, was Hannibal. But the scene between Hannibal and his own analyst Dr. Du Maurier suggests that Hannibal’s motivations concerning Will are just as convoluted as Will’s own sense of self. Hit the jump for more on why some people just aren’t made for relationships. READ MORE...


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