Lost Season 6, Episode 5 Review: Shepherd of the Lighthouse - Featured

Although not as strong as last week's "The Subsititute", last night's episode was still a good one, developing the mystery of Claire, the numbers and Smokey Locke. There was also a strangely satisfying jaunt into sideways world involving Jack Shepherd.

What's been best so far is that there's finally a sense of an interlocking story coming together and the creators are back to following plot threads through from one ep to the next, which they haven't done this consistently since season 1. And that's the thing about Lost; it's only able to fire on all the cylinders when it's working as a story. Last night we had more Jack angst, and Hurley's patented humor ("Maybe we went back to dinosaur times and those skeletons are us!") and a new, crazy Claire. But to me, those pieces were satisfying because they are once again serving a forward narrative. That, and I love the Lighthouse idea.

Let's take a look at Sideways Jack first, and then move to the island:

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