Maron Recap: Trejo Day

After a couple of weeks all about love and ladies, Maron’s back to the arena of masculinity and respect. It begins with Marc confronting a comically hatted barista about disrespecting the art of espresso. Marc is obsessed with integrity, unless we’re talking about a coffee bean. “I’m just trying to get it into my body as quickly and efficiently as possible so life feels like it’s worth living for two hours,” Maron says with trademark intensity. “Flavor is secondary to the buzz. Don't you get it? You're just a drug dealer." It’s funny on its own, and also solid foreshadowing for an upcoming spin though the actual drug world.

Ken Jeong is at Maron’s house, theoretically for a podcast taping but basically just so he can be a sounding board for Maron’s problem du jour. I love the idea of Marc inviting a celebrity over solely so he can talk about himself this much. The "WTF" podcast is infamous for Marc’s ability to worm himself into anyone’s personal history — or to flat-out “make things about me” — but he’s also an incredibly empathetic listener, and he knows when to shut up. Not so on Maron. We don't get a single piece of info about Jeong himself, except that he maybe digs Blind Melon. (I'll say, though, that it's refreshing even to hear Jeong speak in his real voice and be his cool self after suffering through The Hangover Part III.) Marc starts familiarizing us with his affinity for the vice-ridden side of life, for “playing chicken with my sanity.” He misses it, or the idea of it.



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