Falling Skies Season 3 Review “On Thin Ice”

Skipping ahead in time can be a tricky prospect on a series, to put things mildly. Oftentimes, it seems like a desperate gambit to win back viewers that fled after a particularly lackluster season, or a last ditch effort for a show to reinvent itself before it’s too late. However, sometimes the move pays off, and I’m happy to report that was indeed the case with the season premiere of "Falling Skies". Let’s face it, things were a bit rickety in the first season, not helped by the massive amount of post-apocalyptic shows and movies out at the time. The second season separated a good bit of the wheat from the chaff and got onto the right track by being a leaner, meaner endeavor and ending strongly, if a bit cliffhanger-heavy. Now we have the third season, which is- so far, at least- off to a good start. READ MORE...


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