Falling Skies Season 3 Review “Collateral Damage”

On episode two of the night of "Falling Skies", we had an episode that lived up to its name, "Collateral Damage". In order to foil a plot by the Espheni, Tom has to take some actions that prove the old saw that every war has its causalities. But what happens when those causalities are directly your fault? It all starts when son Ben- aka Benji, much to his chagrin- discovers the aliens occupying a nuclear power plant, which can’t be good. It’s clear a new attack on Charleston is imminent, and though they might have the upper hand in knowing that the aliens are coming, they can’t exactly shoot up their operation, what with, I don’t know, a freaking nuclear reactor in the way. One false move, and everyone’s sporting no hair and radiation sickness and it’s goodnight Charleston anyway. READ MORE...


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