Mad Men Recap: The Ballad of Don and Bob

Let’s talk about Bob Benson, and about Don Draper.

Both men are great salesmen. Both have alliterative names with the same number of letters: three in the first, six in the second. Don and Bob were at the center of the two most striking scenes in Sunday’s Mad Men, both of which revolved around the violation of taboos: Bob in Pete’s office, slyly touching his knee against Pete’s while delivering a monologue on love, and Don screwing Sylvia in her apartment as Sally, who’d sneaked in with a key purloined from the building’s doorman, watched from afar, absorbing a sight that she’ll doubtless discuss in therapy, and dream about for the rest of her life. (The poor girl is a magnet for this sort of thing: She watched Megan’s mother Marie go fishing on Roger near the end of “At the Codfish Ball.”)



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