'Teen Wolf' recap: Death, a trap and torturing Isaac in 'Chaos Rising'

"Chaos Rising" was a seriously messed-up episode of "Teen Wolf."And it's not like "Teen Wolf" doesn't set a high standard when it comes to twisted and disturbing episodes. Most of them, however, don't begin with Stiles coming this close to having sex (before the girl is kidnapped and presumably murdered), spend a middle part with everyone torturing Isaac, and then end with feral werewolves and Lydia screaming.Stiles, condemned to a life of celibate side-kickeryScott and Stiles start out the episode at the birthday party of a girl named Heather. Back in pre-school, Heather and Stiles were buddies but now she goes to another school (There's another school in Beacon Hills? Why?). But, out of the blue, Heather invited Stiles to her 17th birthday. Why? Apparently her sole purpose was to use her old playmate for sex. Stiles is cool with this.Unfortunately -- and because Stiles is doomed to celibacy and modesty on a show...



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