Continuum Season 2 Review “Second Degree”

Isn’t it great that Carlos knows the secret? Instead of having the big, show-changing effect I predicted last week, his new found knowledge and trust in Kiera simply makes Continuum a less tedious series, with the solving of cases and the taking down of bad guys quicker, easier and, frankly, much more fun. But ‘Second Degree’ is more than a case of the week adventure, as we arrive at Julian’s trial in both present day and in the past. It’s a neat little narrative tool, having Julian stand before a judge in both time periods. Sadly, corruption is everywhere, and Julian is to be released after his current prison sentence is up. As Kiera and Carlos know what happened, they surmise that the judge must have been compromised and, sure enough, some old faces pop up to make everyone’s lives more difficult. READ MORE...


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