Teen Wolf “Chaos Rising” Season 3 Review – Where are my Betas?!?!

Why must Isaac suffer? This week’s episode of Teen Wolf kicked off with Lydia/Allison in pursuit of Scott to let him know that motorcycle girl (who may very well be dead now) was looking for him and left a strange pattern on their arms in the process. At the same time, Stiles was catching up with his childhood friend, Heather. Heather was celebrating her seventeenth with a house party that lacked any parental supervision and presented an opportunity for her to cash in her v-card. Thanks to what seemed like good timing and a history of shared bubble baths, Stiles became the top candidate for Heather’s birthday romp. Unfortunately for Stiles, this is Teen Wolf and it’s simply not in the cards for him to get any loving. As he scurried off to find a condom, Heather was snatched away in the dark of night. Given the weird explosion of wine bottles and the way Heather’s captor snatched her through a window, it would appear that it was those no good alphas behind her kidnapping. We’ll have to wait and see. READ MORE...


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