Warehouse 13 Season 4 Review “Runaway”

A lot went down in this week’s Warehouse 13. There was a prison break, old relationship baggage, a surprise birthday party, hearing loss, gang members, and an urn that spewed molten lava. Mixed in with the action was a healthy dose of Warehouse humor and hijinks, and some sweet moments between our favorite artifact hunters. The episode opens with a prison break in Arkansas, triggered by a flow of lava that eats through the prison wall. Jinks, Myka and Pete are dispatched to the scene and get a blast from the past. Jinks’ ex-boyfriend, Liam, is also working the case for the US Marshal and things get awkward really fast. When Pete and Myka learn about Jinks’ love connection, they instantly leap to his defense and are prepared to hate Liam if given the word. This was such a cute moment to have Myka and Pete rushing so quickly to defend Jinks. Luckily, such drastic measures were unnecessary as it turned out Jinks was the reason behind the demise of his relationship with Liam. READ MORE...


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