The Job Lot Series 1 Episode 6 (ITV) Review

And so we’ve finally come to the end of this long, disappointing first series of The Job Lot, with a final whimper that sounds familiar after sitting through five previous episodes. Will it return? It’s unlikely, given the lacklustre reaction but, side-by-side with the critically mauled Vicious, I actually feel like this came out as the weaker series overall. It just had nothing to it – demonstrated brilliantly by the lack of eventful things going on in this series finale. I was hoping that the show would suddenly turn itself around in its final hour, finally utilising the talented actors they had employed and doing something with the promising format. But that, of course, didn’t happen, and we were instead stuck with a tired ‘psycho ex-wife’ storyline that dominated the episode at the considerable expense of everyone else. READ MORE...


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