I am not pleased with the result..ONCE AGAIN! [Spoiler-Don't read it if you dont wanna know the end]

I think that Allison just kept getting better and better and Teyona just kept getting worse. Allison has that sweet approachable personality but she still rocks those high fashion shoots and Teyona, while she takes great pictures, seems sort of dull and forgettable to me. I just think Allison is really harnessing her strengths and improving on her weaknesses and with that drive and determination, she deserved to win. I have to say though, I wasn't a big Allison fan from the start, she sorta creeped me out (lol), but she's grown leaps and bounds ...and let's face it, she's wud b better at being a covergirl....WAY BETTER. Her commercial wasn't the greatest but she just has that covergirl quality. I mean, when I saw that Allison had to do the runway challenge I was like 'O LORD!!! SHE'S GOING HOME!!!' but it was a very pleasant surprise that her walks were so good, a little bouncy, but good. And I adored Allison in that oil-slick thing, she seemed better than Teyona to me, although I give Teyona some serious props for continuing even after her weave came off. O yeah and Teyona's posture irks me. All in all, it was very close, but I still think Allison would do so much better in the fashion industry (booking more jobs). Well, I guess it doesnt really matter who wins (Fatima gets more jobs than Whitney...season 10) but I still would've preferred it if Allison won. :)



Large newrachelimage
May 14, 2009 2:24PM EDT

I agree completely with you. ALso, honestly, it was edited in such a way that I thought they were going to go with Allison. Photos where Teyona had won - they went and told Allison that they liked hers as much if not more...so I thought they were setting us up for an "Allison's photos have always been as good as Teyona's" sort of argument. Teyona lacks personality. Allison does too, in a sense, yet somehow is more intriguing.
So, yeah...I was on Team Allison :-).

May 14, 2009 5:59PM EDT

I didn't really dislike Teyona from the start, but I just forgot she was there. And that go-see week, when she kept leaving the places becuz other girls were there...wth...
Allison should've won!!! Her pictures weren't the best from the start, but she won the best picture quite a few times. And even if she looks weird, she's more noticeable than Teyona...by far.
They both photograph very well, but I think Allison's portfolio was better than Teyona's.
*sigh* Tyra just continues to disappoint me:(

Default avatar cat
May 15, 2009 8:53AM EDT

Allison was much stronger than Teyona... her pics, her walk, her commercial BY FAR! I totally hate when they do that! I think Teyona always gave the same look and Allison was totally different...and different of all the girls that won before.Im really disappointed!

May 16, 2009 9:34AM EDT

I realise that Tyra almost always picks the worse of the top 2 girls. Maybe it's on purpose to push the other girl farther, because, if you realise, the girl who wins doesnt usually get as far in the modelling industry as some of the other girls.

Default avatar cat
May 17, 2009 10:20AM EDT

On the runway, I think Allison was showing more confidence than Teyona and even on the cover girl commercial. Teyona just got more beautiful photos because as the judges already said "her face photographs beautifully" but she doesn't really try very hard to get those beautiful photos. In short, she's just lucky. While Allison was the one who worked harder to get to the top.

Default avatar cat
May 29, 2009 11:42PM EDT

Okay, here's the thing. The winner has to do Covergirl. Yeah, it's a nice little deal, but Covergirl isn't exactly "high-fashion". Allison is way more of a "high-fashion", "international" model than Teyona is. Allison doesn't need and wouldn't benefit from the Covergirl contract because with her look, she is perfectly capable of getting those international jobs. Teyona was a strong competitor and her look is much better suited to the more "commercial" and "mainstream" fashion.

May 30, 2009 4:59PM EDT

not really, bcuz if you look back at allison's covergirl commercial, you'll find that allison did everything a real covergirl would do, and she came off approachable and down-to-earth. She's much more interesting to look at too, i'm not calling teyona ugly, but her curved back is rather unattractive.

May 30, 2009 5:01PM EDT

i do understand your point though. Allison didn't need to win, she'll still book lots of jobs because of her unique look.

Default avatar cat
Jun 2, 2009 1:40PM EDT

Yeah but its its called Americas Next Top Model, not Covergirls Next Top Model, and Allison did a good job at the commercial and the Covergirl photo, guess Teyona did too, but Allison is more high fashioned than Teyona, so i think technically that Allison should have won, since shes good at that part too, unlike Teyona thats much more Covergirl-material. And a Top model is supposed to manage everything, Covergirl and seventeen magazine is not everything, if you get what i mean.
And i think its weird that they kinda choose the winners after whos more Covergirl-ish when its called Top Model, and Allison has gotten better and better, so she should have won. Teyona kinda looks like a 10 year old kid too.

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