Opinion of Aminat??

What do y'all think of Aminat?


Large newrachelimage
RachelL Editor
May 14, 2009 2:42PM EDT

I think if she would have taken even slightly better photos, she hands down would have won!
They honestly let her stay for way longer than deserved (based on photos) merely because of how awesome she looked in person, so the judges were clearly pulling for her to improve!
I did think though it was a little bit to her detriment that after her makeover, she definitely had somewhat of a resemblance to Danielle from a previous cycle.

May 14, 2009 5:53PM EDT

ye i didnt really like her makeover, it hid her awesome features. And she really could've won. It would've been really great if she got in the final two tho, she would've really ROCKED that runway, although I don't know how she would've done in the oil part. I was rooting for her to improve though, but she improved little pieces at a time (how to move her legs, how to move her torso, how to move her head) Now if only she could've learned how to use the muscles in her face a bit sooner.

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