Royal Pains Season 5 Premiere Review “Hank Watch” – Surgery Was the Easy Part

In the season 5 premiere of Royal Pains, called "Hank Watch," Hank tries to return to normal duty after spending the last six months recovering, but it turns out that the surgery may be the easiest thing for him – and everyone else – to handle. Hank’s recovery When I saw the commercials for this episode, I was disappointed by the fact that it looked like they were just going to fast-forward six months and – poof! – Hank would be all better. While that is somewhat true, I enjoyed the way they are playing out his story. I love that we got to see what it was like for him in those early days after his surgery and don’t even get me started on Evan being his big brother’s protector. Because I thought we were going "Hank is fine" route, I hadn’t really thought about all the implications his surgery would have on his life. Well, I did think of some, but the drug dependency was one that hadn’t occurred to me. It’s going to be interesting to see how that plays out. READ MORE...


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