Finally we are getting somewhere......

I enjoyed this episode immensely. I think it moved forward Bones and Booths relationship more. And gave a clearer view as to what they're feelings for each other are.

At the start Booth was getting ready, and the phone rang and he straight away knew it was Bones. And when on the phone they're conversation consisted of aspects that are certainly found in a love relationship.

Bones demanding that booth be at the ceremony, actually expecting it. This shows a depth of emotion that Bones has for Booth. That he is such a common in her life and an important one at that that she naturally expects him to be around for significant events in her life and gets frustrated when he's not.

And the natural affection and exasperation Booth has for bones when she says things like that watch GPS comment. And how he so easily says "No doubt you are looking beautiful". The fact that he says that so naturally and comfortably shows the emotional depth they have for each other.

And throughout the first part of Booth's kidnapping Bone's is no way as near rational as she has been in previous situations when she thought Booth was hurt. Like when he pretended to die from the gun shot wound. She was rational and could compartmentalize his death. But this time she actually had to pause before making a decision about whether to try and catch the gravedigger with the evidence hodgins stole. It was quite clear she just wanted booth back.

I'm going to watvh the end of the episode and i will review more... :D


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Feb 7, 2009 4:11AM EST

great review:)

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