GAME OF THRONES Season Finale Recap: “Mhysa”

After a very tight and narratively cohesive (and soul crushing) penultimate episode, Game of Thrones returned this week in its finale doing what it has done for most of the season: that is, people walking and talking. There was a lot of both, and some of it was interesting, but perhaps what it told us more than anything was what we least wanted to be confirmed: what happened last week didn’t matter. Of course it does matter on a number of levels within the show and for viewers, but outside of the Stark family’s misfortunes, it was just another piece of Tywin’s game to control and kingdoms, or alternatively, another score for the Red God. Either way, most everyone’s reactions to it, minus Joffrey’s, were subdued. The Young Wolf is no longer a threat? Great, where as my lemon cakes. Hit the jump for why it’s really not easy being drunk all of the time. READ MORE...


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