Awkward Season 3 Review “Redefining Jenna”

Season three of Awkward has been more about Jenna than the previous two, with our heroine spending an inordinate amount of time dithering about who she is and who she wants. This finale, ‘Redefining Jenna’, brings that all to a head when she’s literally forced to choose between a party thrown by Collin and a party attended by Matty and her friends. It’s also been hard to love Jenna like we all used to, but this will go down as the moment when many fans turned against the show’s young protagonist. What season three has done really well is transfer our sympathy to Matty, who only last year was the ‘other guy’ in Jenna’s life. That means that the events of this mid-season finale has double the impact, as we’re completely clear about who’s in the wrong. Killing Collin was a stupid and selfish thing to do, but seeing her attempt to get away with it at the end might be even worse. READ MORE...


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