The Borgias Series Finale Sneak Peeks: Alexander Looks to Carve Out a Kingdom

Now that Cesare and Alexander are reconciled, both Rome and the Borgia family have been strengthened and can proceed to lay claim to Forli. Catherina Sforza failed to strike while Alexander was at his weakest and now that the papal coffers are filled, the papal armies are replenished, and the Holy Father is on the same page with his son, she might have let her final chance to further splinter the papacy slip away. While she may be the most formidable opponent the Borgias have faced in their time as the leading family of Italy, Catherina is now a decisive underdog against Alexander and Cesare, meaning that she'll have to pull off one heck of a feat on the series finale of The Borgias in order to pull even with and surpass Pope Alexander. READ MORE...


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