Da Vinci's Demons Season Finale Recap: Did Leonardo Find the Book of Leaves?

Leonardo is preparing himself for the journey to the Book of Leaves, which he doesn't think should include Zoroaster and Nico. He's put the two of them through a lot and doesn't want to further endanger them, but Zo argues that with Nico's unflinching loyalty and his own financial debts, they're ready and willing to do anything and go anywhere. Before Leonardo can respond, though, he spots a falcon in a nearby tree, the genus of which is said to be found only in Turkey and one other country. Zo mentions that it could be an omen and instead of running away from it, Leonardo immediately begins chasing after it on horseback. The creature leads him to where he originally met the Turk, who is sitting down and surrounded by a semi-circle of fire and tells Leonardo that with the keys and what he gathered from the Abyssinian, the Book of Leaves, not seen in 1000 years, is within his grasp. However, the inventor is tired of feeling manipulated, something which offends the Turk, and only complies due to the desire to find his mother. READ MORE...


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