When I’m in line at the supermarket, I see the covers of celebrity magazines, and I wonder, "Who buys this stuff? What compels them to be so interested in the lives of strangers?" We have an artificial familiarity with celebrities based on the entertainment we consume. Today, "celebrity" has even become a profession whereas it used to be you had to have some kind of tangible skill usually relating to public performance before you were constantly in the public eye. Even though celebrity worship has become engrained in our society arguably since Clara Bow became "The It Girl", media saturation has brought us to critical mass. Despite the fascinating origins of this obsession, Sofia Coppola‘s The Bling Ring skips over the interesting, unexplored aspects, and heads straight to pedestrian observations of celebrity fixation. While it’s certainly spot-on and is peppered with humorous moments, audiences can gleam the same observations from a plot synopsis. Moreover, Coppola’s criticisms fall flat when the existence of her film plays into the celebrity culture she aims to critique. READ MORE...


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