Veep Season 2 Review “Running”

Selina’s big gamble in last week’s episode paid off, meaning she was back on top as "Running" began. Still, Veep being the show it is, it didn’t take long for more bad luck to bring Selina back down. As a lead in to next week’s finale, this episode did a good job of setting things in motion. Unfortunately, it did little other than that in terms of comedy. The big problem this week was that nobody really seemed to care. This isn’t a fault of the actors; it’s just that most of the characters are pretty unenthusiastic about the vice president right now. This is even before she walked through the glass, as both Amy and Dan were contemplating jumping ship. Add in Mike’s usual incompetence and Sue’s nonchalant attitude, and it was hard to feel that anyone was on Selina’s side. READ MORE...


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