Gareth Evans and Timo Tjahjanto Talk V/H/S/2, Working as a Directorial Team, Future Collaborations, THE RAID 2, and More

When it comes to Gareth Evans and Timo Tjahjanto I’m a new, but passionate fan. Last year Evans gave us The Raid: Redemption, a feature-length action masterpiece of balls-out violence and ass-kicking badassery. Earlier this year Tjahjanto contributed the standout segment "L for Libido" to the horror anthology The ABC’s of Death, and managed to create horror landscape so perverse and captivating that when the short film’s few minutes were up I was, at the same time, glad it was over and dying to see more. For V/H/S/2 Evans and Tjahjanto teamed up to give us "Safe Haven", an epic slaughter grounded in a fascinating mythology that combines Evans’s visceral cinematic style with Tjanhanjto’s eye for twisted terrors. For me, David Bruckner’s "Amateur Night" was the prize winner of the first V/H/S, and this time around it’s "Safe Haven" that stands as the absolute apex of the film’s achievements. READ MORE...


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