The Killing 3.04 "Head Shots" Review: The Kids Are Alright

My favorite episode of The Killing is the first season episode, "Missing," where Holder and Linden take a pause from the Rosie Larsen case and instead search for Linden's missing son, Jack. The reason why "Missing" is probably the best episode that The Killing has ever done is that it explores the unique, intimate bond shared between Holder and Linden; the little moments that the pair have together in the episode, the back and forth rapport and their enlightening, open conversations, are easily the best written scenes that the series has ever produced. Therefore, it shouldn't surprise me that what I'm enjoying most from this season of The Killing is the small moments between characters, as relationships begin to grow and develop, and really take shape. These scenes are what keep bringing me back to the show, even when obvious twists like Kallie's mom's boyfriend being the guy behind the porn tapes, or storylines like Twitch's ill-advised trek into the park to score more drugs (which ends with him "shockingly," AKA not shockingly at all, getting his ass kicked) don't really work. READ MORE...


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