The Returned Series 1 (Channel 4) Review “Simon”

After last week’s premiere of The Returned introduced us to young Camille, the back-from-the-dead school girl killed in a bus crash, here we meet ‘Simon’, who died ten years ago the morning of his wedding to fiancé Adele. In a flashback, we see the happy couple learn of Adele’s pregnancy, which also explains the ten-year-old girl in Adele’s apartment. Now that we’ve settled in to the atmosphere and suspense of the show, this second episode was much more devoted to setting up the mystery behind each of the characters. We learn via Simon’s violence against the restaurant worker that the returned are both ravenously hungry (see Being Human season three for the implications of this in zombie-lore) and prone to outbursts of anger. I guess anyone would be a bit tetchy after returning from the grave to a world that’s left you behind, but Camille’s similarly destructive tantrum in Lena’s bedroom could suggest this is something to look out for. READ MORE...


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