Mad Men Recap: The Importance of Being Bob

So, Bob Benson is Don Draper.

I called it, kind of, but so did almost everybody else, sort of. The parallels were there from early in the season. In last week’s recap of “Favors,” I wrote that as I rewatched the episode, “the men started to seem, more so than ever before, like mirror images or doppelgängers or twisted spiritual twins of each other. Don is the dark Bob. Bob is the light Don. Or maybe Don seems like the dark Bob but is really light, and Bob carries himself like the light Don but will ultimately be revealed as being darker than any of us imagined.” I don’t know how dark Bob will turn out to be — maybe he’ll just turn out to be a striver, and essentially good, albeit damaged and desperate — but for now we can safely assume that the show’s implicit comparison of the two characters has been quite deliberate and is leading somewhere.

Also, in a throwaway scene early on, Ken Cosgrove got shot in the face by a GM guy during a hunting trip. I don’t know what to say about that except, “Wow” and “Instant GIF.”



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