'True Blood' season premiere recap: War Time

True Blood has long been about the battle between humans and vampires, and how power corrupts. But this season 6 opener, directed by Stephen Moyer, established that those themes are reaching a bloody crescendo. We opened with the final moment of last season's finale, Bill seemingly reborn as Bilith, as seen from his perspective. Sookie said "F---," and he saw the light in her mouth. Then Eric told Sookie to run and off they went. Did you notice the way Eric held her hand, and then had her run in front of him? And the way he asked her if she was okay when they finally got to the elevator after she slipped and fell in dead vampire goo? Only Sookie would be okay after that face-plant. Naked bloody Bilith shut down the power and killed a guard. Sookie produced a small ball of fairy light so Eric could beat his way through to the elevator shaft. Meanwhile, Jason took out an Authority guard firing on him, Pam, Tara, Nora, and Jessica from above. The guard's liquified bloody corpse rained down on Jason like he was in Flashdance. I hope this is a season of splatter! Nora offered Jason praise, but he's still in anti-vampire Rambo mode, so that turned in to a pissing match until Pam interrupted and asked "Bitch Sergeant" who she was and why she was telling her what to do. So Eric never told Pam about Nora. Nora just said she was someone who promised Eric she'd escort this "ragtag band of f---ups to safety." READ MORE...


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