Mad Men Season 6 Review “The Quality of Mercy”

There was a time when Don Draper, the narcissistic philanderer, still had a certain amount of swagger. He could get any woman he wanted, talk his way into potential clients’ ad budgets, and control the office with a bourbon glass holding fist. That was Don Draper of yester-year. Today’s Don Draper is the sad man on his couch in the fetal position. It’s such a downer to watch. Last week, Don got emotionally bitch-slapped by his daughter Sally after she discovered him getting it on with a woman who was not his wife. Don is no longer the handsome, suave man that his daughter idolized – he’s now just a dishonest letch that she can’t stand to be around. This week, Sally delivered another swift kick to her dad by refusing to go visit him and asking to go to boarding school. Betty supports the idea, particularly when it looks like Sally can get into the same school Jackie Kennedy attended. A couple seasons ago, I wouldn’t have thought it possible, but Betty is starting to look like a decent parent in comparison with Don. READ MORE...


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