'The Bachelorette': Bryden has doubts; Hurricane Sandy couple brings James and Dez closer

The "Bachelorette" and her men are headed to Atlantic City, for some Mr. America frivolity and some Hurricane Sandy seriousness. Who will be going home this week?When Chris Harrison tells the Top 13 they're headed to New Jersey, the guys are ... more excited than they probably should be. Harrison hypes it like they're headed some place super fancy and, well, let's just say that Atlantic City is no Paris. But hey, it probably beats the heck out of staying in the frat house for another week. Kasey sums it up as #LasVegasontheocean, which is apropos and probably why I don't care for it. Heh.Brad's DateBrad gets the Babysitter's Club Super Special date (remember that one where they went to Sea City, New Jersey) as they take in the Boardwalk, complete with carnival games, salt water taffy and chocolate. It's a very free-wheeling date. I've always thought a great first date would be at an...



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