'Teen Wolf': Fireflies, Stiles and death by virgin sacrifice

This is not a good time to be Stiles on "Teen Wolf." In addition to all of the murder and mayhem normal to the boy's life, now someone or something is out there killing virgins. Obviously, psychotic werewolves are not enough in "Fireflies." The show also needs a good virgin sacrifice!Three virgins, three deathsThree mysterious deaths come to light in "Fireflies." Oddly, none of them seem to have anything at all to do with werewolves. Werewolves would be much, much better than whatever is the cause of these killings.Heather, the unfortunate birthday girl whose wish to have sex with Stiles never came true, turns out to be but the first in a string of bizarre murders of virgins. Whatever hopes we might have had for her survival, Stiles' first and possibly only chance for carnal happiness didn't make it.Next up, "Teen Wolf" gives us an anonymous lifeguard. Lydia, off on one of her "just...



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