Greg Archer: Heather Locklear On Franklin & Bash And Not Taking On 'Dumb' Roles

Photo: TNT

Greg Archer: Congratulations on everything.

Heather Locklear: Wait? Did I get married or something?

Greg Archer: On the new role.

Heather Locklear: [Laughs]. Yes. It's great.

Greg Archer: What made you say yes to playing Rachel?

Heather Locklear: The show is really funny and written well, and with good actors and people surrounding it, so it wasn't that hard to say yes. But also because it wasn't a straightforward legal show. I liked the comedy in it.

Greg Archer: It has some spunk.

Heather Locklear: So good. They are so cute together, those two [Meyer and Gosselaar]. They should be a couple.

Greg Archer: You know, maybe they should. Perhaps in a dream sequence.

Heather Locklear [Laughs]: My dream sequence. The kind of stuff I like.

Greg Archer: Well, we seem to be on the same track. But I digress. So, tell us more about your character, Rachel King.



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